During late 2015 I decided to build my own Observatory. The project was started April, 2016 and finished August, 2016. The observatory is situated in the garden of my weekend house, which is approximately 100km from where I live.

The observatory can be fully controlled, remotely, from the internet. All required SW runs locally. I also did develop a custom application to control most aspects of the observatory from mechanic, temperature and power control. This application mainly runs locally but can also run on the remote computer. With this I am able to preprogram different sequence of events, for instance;automatic complete shutdown at the end of image secession, or in case of various failure occurrences.

As seen in images below, I am still using my trusted 10Micron/Geoptik 30H100 wooden tripod. However, this will shortly be replaced with a massive “steel” pier!

Observatory with the roll off roof closed


Observatory with the roof rolled off. Garage door opener is used to open and close roof Inside view. I have ≥ 30 deg clear view over the whole sky except for two trees (ones trunk is seen just above the cabinet). It will not be there for long though!


Inside view facing the entrance Top view. Image taken standing on top of the roof. The walls and roof are insulated


IP44 cabinet which is housing most of the electronics. Click here to see more detailed electrical drawing of the cabinet and surrounding components