Draco Group

(Galaxy Trio NGC 5985, NGC 5982, NGC 5981 in Draco)


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Technical details:

Location / Date: Outside of Kopparberg, Västmanland, Sweden / 2016-Dec

Optics: Orion Optics UK AG12

Mount: 10 Micron GM1000 HPS (Unguided)

Camera: Canon EOS 100D (Modded with Baader ACF filter)

Exposure: 50 x 300 seconds, all shot at ISO 3200 (cumulative exposure time is 4 hours and 10 minutes)

Processing: Pixinsight and Photoshop


Image details:

This trio of galaxies is located in the northern constellation of Draco.
NGC 5981 is a edge-on spiral , NGC 5982 a elliptical galaxy , and NGC 5985 is a face-on spiral. While the group is far too small to be a galaxy cluster and has not been catalogued as a compact group, these galaxies all do lie roughly 100 million light-years from planet Earth. On close examination with spectrographs, the bright core of the striking face-on spiral NGC 5985 shows prominent emission in specific wavelengths of light, prompting astronomers to classify it as a Seyfert, a type of active galaxy. Not as well known as other tight groupings of galaxies, the contrast in visual appearance makes this triplet an attractive subject for astrophotographers . (Information from NASA)