IC 410

Tadpole Nebula


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Technical details:

Location / Date: Outside of Kopparberg, Västmanland, Sweden / 2017-March

Optics: Orion Optics UK AG12

Mount: 10 Micron GM1000 HPS (Unguided)

Camera: Canon EOS 100D (Modded with Baader ACF filter)

Exposure: 67 x 240 seconds, all shot at ISO 3200 (cumulative exposure time is 4 hours and 28 minutes)

Processing: Pixinsight and Photoshop


Image details:

IC 410, sometimes known as Tadpole Nebula because of its filaments, is an emission nebula large visible in the constellation of ' Auriga ; it is linked to the open cluster NGC 1893 formed by young massive stars. The region is home to major processes of star formation creating big star mass.

Estimates of its distance, however, were very mixed, provided a distance value around 10,400 light years, while other studies photometric made a distance of 15,650 light years. The most recent studies, based on the photometry and spectroscopy , tend to bring the distance of nebulous system to about 19500 light years. (Information from Wikipedia)